Alpha Update!

Alpha week 3 successfully completed!   It’s never too late to join – and if you have an occasional conflict and can’t make it, no problem!  Come when you can!

As a reminder, Alpha is a series of conversations exploring the Christian faith – relaxed and informal.  It’s intended for, and open to, everyone.  Each session has 3 parts:  Food (we share a meal together), Talk (a video looking at a question around faith) and Discussion (about the topic in small groups).


Date:  Tuesday evenings at 7pm

Location:  St. Mark’s Parish Hall

January 21st Topic:  How Can I Have Faith?

Link to January 21st  Video “Why Did Jesus Die?”

Watch the intro video to Alpha

A Dinner

Each night begins with dinner, and space to just chat with those around you.

A Talk

Each night has a talk - oftentimes through a video - on some aspect of the Christian faith.

A Discussion

Then, after hearing the talk, you get to say what you think - and discuss this with other people in a small group setting.

If you’d like to know when the next Alpha series will begin, please let us know with the form below!