Genesis 15:1-12; 17-18 by Daniel Ittycheria (J2A)



In this passage, Abram was upset with God because he didn’t have children and his servant, Eliezer of Damascus, would inherit everything. God then helped Abram by promising  that he would have lots of children. Abram didn’t believe what God was saying, so to show that he was telling the truth, God made a covenant with Abram stating that Abram would have children and his children would have lots of land.

This passage is very important to our daily lives because it shows that when we need God most, he will always be there for us. God ended up helping Abram by making a covenant with him stating that Abram would have children, and they would have lots of land. Abram might not have trusted God in the first place, but when he needed God the most, God helped him. This passage shows that even though we think God isn’t there to help, he still helping us to his fullest capacity. I have learned a lot by just reading this passage because it made me realize that it might not look like God is going to help us with our problems, but at the end of the day, he will always be by our sides.




Psalm 91:9 – 15 by Keir Vaughn (J2A)


Psalm 91 9-15 shows that when you believe in God and you say that the Lord is my refuge and believe in what you are saying that you will be protected.

This psalm is telling you that if you truly accept and worship God, that you will be protected. “No disaster will come near you” if you believe in what you are saying and if you accept God as your refuge. If you are in a hard place you will always have God to support you if you choose to accept God. The psalm tells you that if you believe in God that in hard times god will believe in you and will help you.

Luke 4:1 – 13 by Abby Spindler (Rite 13/6th Grade)

For 40 wilderness days and nights he was tested by the Devil.

Jesus was wandering in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights with no food. The Devil tested Jesus 3 times.

1st with bread
2nd with power
3rd with faith

I believe that when you are tempted you should calm your mind, focus and think of something else. (Someone who encourages you). When the Devil tested Jesus, he refuses by quoting sections of Deuteronomy. When Jesus refuses the Devil retreats. This shows that staying strong will never fail.

Romans 10:5 – 13 by Sydney Spindler (J2A)


Romans 10:5-13 talks about the laws of God and the difficulties of following them. One of the challenges is listening to every little detail. For example, when you were little you probably thought that your parents were trying to ruin your life. However, all they were doing was shaping your future. Hopefully positively.

This is what Romans 10:5-13 is trying to tell us. Not everything in life is easy but trusting God is. God gives help to whoever is brave enough to ask. Embracing God alone is not enough, you have to be able to say it out loud and set things right with God. No matter who you are or what you do, God will help.

Following every single rule of baseball is like following every little detail in the law code. It is difficult. You try to follow as many rules as you can, but no one is perfect. Embracing God means listening to Him. He will tell you what He wants you to do.