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Prayer Practice Resources

There is no one “right” way to pray. In the history and practice of our faith there are many, many, many ways to pray. Some will work for some, and some won’t. But, find a way—or a couple of ways—to deepen your prayer life.

Pray as You Go

A daily guided meditation led by British Jesuits. Beautiful music and wonderfully produced, this is one of the best prayer resources out there. It’s available as an app (ios and droid), a podcast, or on their website.

Make a daily commitment to pray with this podcast.

Scattered & Sown

A weekly guided meditation based on one of the Sunday readings produced by Fr. Rick. Available as a podcast or on the church website.

Make a weekly commitment to pray with this podcast.

The Rosary

Fr. Rick has teamed up with Fr. Sam, a priest from the Church of England, on a project called the “Lenten Rosary Adventure.” It’s a community on Twitter which encourages the daily use of the Rosary. Follow along @AdventureRosary.

Make a daily commitment to pray the rosary.

Praying with Color

Sybil Macbeth has written a series of books about using drawing and coloring as a means of prayer. You don’t have to be “good” at art to do it, you just have to be good at doodling. You can find her website here, which has a quite wonderful blog about the practice.

Make a daily commitment to pray with color. 

The Daily Office

For thousands of years Jews and Christians have set apart certain times of the day and night for prayer. Christian monasteries turned this practice into the “Daily Office” which was the. Enshrined in The Book of Common Prayer as Morning and Evening Prayer. There are many good apps for the Daily Office, a great website, and some excellent podcast of morning prayer as well.

Make a daily commitment to pray Morning Prayer. 

The Ignatian Workout For Lent

This Lent, become a spiritual athlete and join Tim for The Ignatian Workout for Lent. Each Monday he’ll share audio reflections accompanied by suggestions for prayer and action. Based on the book of the same name, the online retreat begins the week of Ash Wednesday and continues through Easter Week. You can find the online retreat here.

Make a commitment to the Ignatian Workout this Lent. 

Meditation Moments with Christine

Our own Christine Marston shares two meditation techniques in two short videos.

Watch them here.

Finding Time

Don’t feel like you have the time to pray? Some of the resources here are available as podcasts or audio files on apps. You can use these while you’re driving, washing the dishes, or walking the dog.

Using the Prayer Book

Some of these practices are fancy and require a smartphone, a computer, or a set of rosary beads. But, you can just do the old-fashioned sit-down-and-pray technique. Commit to a certain amount of time, or ask a friend to join you. You’re welcome to take home a Book of Common Prayer from the church and use the prayers in there anytime.