For parking instructions for Chip Hughes’ Memorial service, please see below.

St. Mark’s is located on the corner of Finley Avenue and Lewis Street in downtown Basking Ridge. Our address is 140 South Finley Avenue.

The front door for the church and parish hall is on Finley Avenue, where there is some limited street parking, and a handicapped space. The parking lot for the church is located behind the church. To access the church parking lot, turn down Lewis street, and turn into the driveway.

To enter the church from the parking lot, go up the staircase from the parking lot into the top-level garden, and follow the path around to the double-glass-doors.

There is also a municipal parking lot with much more parking accessible off of Maple Avenue. And, on Sunday mornings there is a bank parking lot across Finley Avenue which generally allows parking during non-business hours, and the good people of TrueLeaf Kitchens allow us to park in their parking lot off of Lewis Street as well!

For Chip Hughes’ Memorial Service on June 5th, we will be setting up a tent in our parking lot for additional seating, and for refreshments which will follow the service. As such, parking will be on the street and in the municipal lot next door to the church. Use the map below for clarification.