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I think that this passage means, that God comes in all shapes and sizes, to people whom he claims are brave or courageous enough for his job. He seeks them out, and helps him to do what, God wants him to do.

People have asked me. “How would you react to God, if he reached out to you to do something?”

  I’m sure people would respond with “I would accept God’s request and do as he says!” or “I would definitely say no to God because I feel that I’m not up for the challenge.”

Something that the people who say that they would definitely accept, is that many others in the bible would ‘guarantee’ that they would say yes, but they eventually do encounter God, and they freak out. People are terrified, but amazed and honored that our almighty god, has chosen them, and they would be absolutely speechless. Stunned.

 And to the people who feel like they would say no,  many others believed that too. Moses didn’t believe he would be able to carry out such orders, but no matter what you think, or say, or do. Most would accept, despite what they said before hand. Because they know that it’s the right thing to do.

Now I personally, don’t know what I would say if God asked me to free his people, from slavery or sin. I think I’d have to experience it to know for sure.

As I said, god comes in all shapes and sizes to those whom he deems fit for the job. Those forms might be frightening. To Moses, he came as a bush that was on fire, it frightened, but also intrigued Moses. To everyone else, he later came as a vulnerable boy, a boy who was born in a manger. He brought the message of salvation and love to the world in many different ways, through many people. Who’s to say you might not be the next chosen servant?