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By September 19, 2018Sunday Prep

At your core, what drives you? What makes you tick? What is it that informs your every decision and interaction?

This is where James is going in the third and fourth chapters of his epistle. And his answer, is, quite frankly, nothing short of astounding: Gentleness.

James, writing to a church mired in conflict urges gentleness. And, why? Because gentleness is meant to drive our faith, our assembly, our relationships. Gentleness is meant to be at the very core of our understanding of God, our relationship with each other, and our common faith. And, it’s a gentleness that’s “willing to yield.”

Yes, there are times to act, to “stand firm.” Yes there are moments where we need to defend the faith, and rise up to aid the oppressed.

But, at our core we need gentleness. We need to be a gentle people. And we desperately need to be gentle with each other, and with those who need to experience mercy and grace.