Advent Happenings

Advent Wreath Contest

The first Sunday of advent is November 29. To help celebrate the Advent Season this year we encouraged and invite all parishioners, families large and small, to make your own Advent Wreath. To make sure we get all the Sunday School children involved we will have an Advent Wreath Contest. Anyone can enter. The rules are simple. The prizes are many!

1. The advent wreath must have 4 candles that can light up (can be wax or electric)
2. The design should reflect the Advent Season
3. The winning design must be appropriate for display in the Church service
4. The Wreath cannot be a fire hazard
5. Creativity is encouraged
6. There will be 4 winning advent wreaths to use each Sunday in the church during advent
7. The J2A youth group will select the 4 winning wreaths
8. Entries must be constructed and photos submitted by Monday November 23 so the J2A can select the winners by the first Sunday of Advent
9. All winning entries will be awarded a pure silver dollar coin in a special case.
10. Only one entry per family or single individual
11. The winning wreath will be either lit in the church or you can keep it at home and submit a video of you and your family lighting the wreath for the Sunday service.

Submit your entries by Monday November 23 to St Marks

Creche Service, 2020 Style

Like everything this year, we’re planning our Creche service a little differently to accommodate social distancing guidelines. We’ll have a short service at 7pm each evening, Mon-Sat, Dec. 14-19, to present the figures to the creche. Fr. Rick will livestream it for everyone to watch from home.
There are lots of ways for the Sunday School students and youth to participate. Pick a night that works for you and your family and fill out our signup sheet. We would like to keep the total number of families attending per night small so please look for a night that best works for your family size. As always, we’re very flexible on costume choices.Follow this link to sign up!

We’ll be sending all of our Sunday school students the music and words to Go Tell it on the Mountain, asking them to record themselves singing it at home and then our maestro, Michael, will put it all together for one of his masterful mashups!
Follow this link to practice with Mike!

Send any questions to Samantha Glass,, Kristen Hauser,, or the office. We would like signups completed by Sunday, November 29.

Christmas Gifting Time Again!

Remembering all the Sunday creche services of our past, as we smilingly marched forward down the St. Marks center aisle with our gifts for the clients of the Food Bank… well, this year we will be experiencing yet another change. However, we will still have a chance to give to families in need – just in a different way.

We have been asked to provide Gift Cards instead of actual purchased items. These were specifically requested to be for Target or Walmart. Good idea as at either store, one can purchase both food or “anything else”.

Cards or donations will be needed by December 6– ideally starting this coming week. The FB would like to get them to the clients a little early this year to allow time for them to shop.

Envelopes with cards should be left in the church mailbox or office. You may also drop them in the donation plate on Sunday.

Please be sure to include your purchased card with receipt showing the amount.

Mark the envelope, Christmas Gift so it doesn’t get mistaken as a donation or pledge payment. Add your name and phone to the outside of the envelope just in case we need to reach you.

Any dollar amount is welcome – from $5 up. If $25 – $50 is possible, that would be very appreciated. NOTE: If you wish to give more, please keep the denominations to $50 or under.

If you are not able to purchase the cards yourself but would like to participate, no worries – we will do the shopping for you! Just enclose your donation in an envelope marked Christmas Gift and we will take it from there.

If you need someone to come by and pick up your donation (cash to purchase gift cards), please leave a message at St. Marks office phone, or call Marcie directly, 908 962-1892.

We will report back how much we have gathered and gifted by Christmas.

Thank you all.
Let’s make this “COVID Christmas” giving as joyful as marching down the aisle!

The Walk to Bethlehem

The Walk to Bethlehem this year will be going virtual. Each of the churches on Finley Avenue will be recording music, readings, and prayers and those videos will be stitched together for a unified experience. We’re even going to get a drone shot from church-to-church so you really feel like it’s a “walk”!

Build a Shoebox Virtually!

This year we will not be gathering shoeboxes for Christmas to keep with social distancing but we have something almost as good. Pack a shoebox on line! See below. If you decide to participate please send a note to the St. Marks office so we can keep a count!