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Leaving the Building

By September 14, 2015Parish Events

1913941_136476277829_1570156_nRoutine is good. In fact, I love routine. It’s comfortable. It allows for regular expectations to be met. When it comes to routine in church, it can provide stability, and can help one keep focus on God, and not on what new thing is coming next.

But, breaking routine can also be good! Leaving the building, and worshipping in a different space can help one look for God in new ways, new music, and new places. It can reinvigorate one’s approach to worship, and perhaps most importantly, remind us all that God doesn’t stay locked up in a building, but can be found anywhere—and, in fact, everywhere.

This Sunday is the Annual Church Picnic, which begins with worship at the ROSS MARK 10AM. After worship we will enjoy hotdogs, hamburgers, and each other’s company.

The Ross Farm, please click here.