In an Episcopal Church leadership is shared among the clergy and the laity. The vestry is the group of lay leaders that is elected by the congregation.

Chip Hughes, Senior Warden
Jim Nishimura, Junior Warden
Jeff Hooper, Vestry (Buildings)
Dan Spindler, Vestry (Communications/ Evangelism)
Alisa Larner, Vestry (Christian Education)
Patti Pierson, Vestry (Membership)
David Taylor, Vestry (Finance)
Norm Graff, Vestry (Grounds)
Betsy Coffin, Vestry (fellowship)
Jan Williams, Vestry (Outreach)
Jenny Phillips, Vestry (Stewardship)

Mary Urbas, Warden Emeritus
Buck Kirch, Treasurer
Doug Post, Recording Treasurer