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the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, the Temple in Jerusalem, and the Presence of God with us

This course is about the Tabernacle in the wilderness and the Temple which stood in Jerusalem at various times in history. But, really, this course is about PRESENCE. The Presence of God.

And, it’s about what God’s desire to be among us so closely says about God. God - who could be anywhere in the universe - wants to be with US, and that tells us something remarkable about God’s character.

An Introduction to the Tabernacle and the Temple

A look at the whole biblical story

Watch Session 1

A Closer Look at the Tabernacle

And some of its furniture

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The Holy of Holies, the Outer Sanctum, and the Ark of the Covenant

And the three-part structure of the Tabernacle

Watch Session 3

The Transition from Tabernacle to Temple

And the Temple’s construction

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The Links to Eden and Sinai

The three-part structure of the cosmos

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God’s Desire to Be With Us

The scandal of particularity

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The Mission of the Church

Expanding the cosmic reach of the Temple

Watch Session 7

The Temple and Jesus

The Gospels and the Temple

Watch Session 8

The Temple in the New Testament Part 1

The Epistles of St Paul and the Book of Hebrews

Watch Session 9

The Temple in the New Testament Part 2

The Book of Revelation

Watch Session 10