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Coffee Hour
Thank you for signing up to host coffee hour!
If you have any questions, please reach out to Emma Lanese at (908)-625-2953.

What to bring:
* Container of milk
* Half and half / creamer
* lemon for tea
* Juice or juice boxes
* Some kind of snack, baked good, fruit, etc.

Set up:
Table cloths, napkins, utensils, cups, tea, coffee and sugar can all be found in the kitchen.
(Cabinets are labeled)
Coffee/tea brewing instructions
* Typically 2-3 pots of regular, 1-2 pots of decaf and 2 pots of hot water for tea should be
plenty. (You can always check with usher for head count)
– One cup scoop and a little extra if you like it bold (scoop found in coffee container).
– Place filter and coffee grounds in coffee maker.
– Fill brewing pot with water and pour into chamber.
– Coffee should start brewing almost immediately.
Please make sure that you do not put coffee in tea carafes (everything is labeled and color
If you wish to leave your milk/creamer for the next coffee hour, label, date and leave in the
*Please clean out all coffee pots and carafes and put back where they belong at the end of
coffee hour!
*If you can, please bring home table cloths and launder for the following week.
Summer Coffee Hour – following the 9am service
No coffee needed! (Optional)
Set up will be in the church garden.
What to bring:
* lemonade and/or iced tea
* Baked goods