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What equation decides who is worthy enough to go to Heaven? Does one ‘bad thing’ you do in your life, lock you out of Heaven forever?  

God’s greatest invention is the thing that also makes him disappointed the most.

He made the human race in hope that we would always be good to each other and listen to his 10 commandments, but he was mistaken. The story of Noah’s ark confirms his disappointment. Humans were doing so bad that he actually wiped out most of the population to get a fresh start. My philosophy is that the ‘Narrow Door’ mentioned in Luke 13, only seems narrow to those who cannot pass through it, that the door is really wide and welcoming to most people. The people who can pass through the door are the people who God was able to forgive. So, it isn’t an equation that decides if your afterlife is going to begin at the white pearly gates or eternal damnation in hell, it’s God’s ability to forgive us and let us be who we are despite our faults.