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While reading Luke 23:1-56 the first thing that struck me was how resistant Pilate was to crucify Jesus. Those who strongly disliked Jesus for having different views were so set on persecuting him that they did not care whether or not Pilate believed that he, “[finds] no guilt in this man” (Luke 23:4). Despite Pilate’s efforts to bargain a different punishment for Jesus, he was still crucified due to the Jews enmity towards a man with opposing views. They even freed a man, Barabbas, who was an actual physical danger to society for being a murderer but crucified Jesus for possibly threatening the power of the Romans through his religious teachings. To me, this related to modern day peer pressure since in today’s society that is a very powerful tool someone could use to intimidate people to join their side and become vulnerable. However the most important part is that like Jesus, we must stay strong to what we believe in no matter if we are alone or different from others because it doesn’t allow evil to prevail in the end.