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Plan your visit to

St Mark's!

We know that meeting new people for the first time can be intimidating, and so we want to make your first visit stress-and-awkwardness free!

Here, you’ll meet great people, you’ll find a warm community that cares for each other, and you’ll hear an encouraging message about Jesus.

8AM Sunday mornings
10AM Sunday mornings

Our Priest

In this crazy time in this crazy world, there is more stress and anxiety on us than ever. I believe that you can find some solace in the same place that people have found solace for generations and generations: the message of Jesus that is grounded in faith, hope, and love.

Fr Rick

Serving Those in Need

You will find opportunity after opportunity to help feed the hungry and serve those in need, in creative and fun ways.

Growing in Mind and Spirit

You will learn new ways to pray, new ways to incorporate faith into your life, and new ways to navigate through the trials that life brings.

What can I expect?

How long is a service?

The 8AM is about 40 minutes, and the 10AM generally clocks in at 1 hour.

What’s the culture like at St Mark’s? (Do I need to wear a suit? Bonnet?)

Worship at St Mark’s is fun, casual, and relaxed. There will probably be people here in a suit and tie, and there will be others in a t-shirt and jeans.

What is worship like? What happens?

First we’ll read some scripture, we’ll hear a sermon, and we’ll pray for the needs of the whole world. Then, we’ll share in Holy Communion.

Can I take Communion?

In the Episcopal Church we believe that the Altar here is God’s, not ours—and therefore all of God’s children, regardless of their denomination or religious affiliation are welcome to receive. But, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

I have kids… what do they do?

We have an area in our balcony called “Zac’s Treehouse” which is designed for families with young children to be able to worship together. It’s stocked with toys, coloring sheets, comfy chairs, a “cry room,” and a perfect over-the-top view of the church below.

Our youth generally meet on Sunday evenings from 5:30PM to 7PM.

Where is St Mark’s located?

St Mark’s is located right in the heart of Basking Ridge, across the street from Bank of America.

Our mailing address is 140 South Finley Ave, Basking Ridge, NJ, 07920