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This poem did not change my perspective, It was meaningful though because… God is a very important person and the poem was just another example of him doing good things. God is always there when we need him and help everyone. No matter how poor or how rich, he always there for anyone.

In the poem it was showing how god helped all sorts of people from different places, because he feels passionate about everyone. He is helping people in all sorts of ways and always manages to give the people just what he needs. We all appreciate god for how he helps a person for no matter how rich or poor where they live or what they do. God is there for everyone who needs it.

Lastly the poem was explaining how god got his name because of how good of a person he was. He earned his honor for how good of person he was. He treated everyone fairly and never showed discrimination. And for all he went through he was still kind loving and lets not forget how inspired. This is what the poem meant to me.