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June 7th Update

The process for calling a new rector involves mutual discernment involving the Vestry, the Discernment Committee, and the candidates in partnership. This important process must be carried out prayerfully and with great care. It will require a commitment of time, energy, and resources. The committee will be working to find a new priest for us. I’m sure some of you are anxious about the process but trust that God and the Holy Spirit are at work.

The whole church will have the opportunity to share stories and experiences that contribute to the data that will comprise the parish profile. The Discernment Committee will update the church on the status of its efforts and regularly communicate this information to the parish while maintaining strict confidentiality.

May 31: Update on the Discernment Committee

Happy Summer Greetings to All,
Well, it’s been quite a month. Rick has accepted a call to become the next Rector at St. David’s in Radnor, Pennsylvania. What a fantastic opportunity for Fr. Rick to continue to share the message of God’s love for all.

While our St. Mark’s community celebrates Fr. Rick’s call from God for his new journey, we all have mixed emotions about his leaving. St. Mark’s is a strong community of faith built on the cornerstone of our Lord Jesus Christ and his love. The love and community we share at St. Mark’s is extraordinary. We will travel this transitional journey through prayer and discernment, guided by the love of our Lord, to find our next Rector as we continue to expand our faith.

Since the announcement of Fr. Rick’s calling on May 4th, there has been a lot of activity planning on the discernment process for calling a new Rector.

The Vestry has met with the Bishop of the Diocese of New Jersey and the Transitional Officer of the Diocese of New Jersey to review the Vestry’s responsibilities and the process of calling a new Rector. After prayerful consideration and discernment, the Vestry has appointed a Discernment Committee to evaluate and present candidates for the next Rector of St. Mark’s to the Vestry. The Discernment Committee is:

Sean Gogerty, Chair
Bill Wood
Dawn Knill
Nancy Brangaccio
Gerry McDonnell
Kristen Hauser
Helena Centolanza
Jim DeCoste, Emeritus

They will be commissioned this Sunday at the 10:00 AM service. Please be with us if you can.

During the transition, the Vestry has decided to hire a full-time Interim Rector to serve the congregation and work with the Vestry. The Diocese will provide the candidates for the Vestry’s evaluation and approval for this position.
Please get in touch with me with any questions, concerns, or comments. With honesty and love, we will travel this journey of transition together.

Prayers, Peace, and Love to all,
Chuck, Sr. Warden

May 29, 2024: Save the Date

Greetings from St. Mark’s, As some may have heard, Father Rick Morley has accepted a call to be the next Rector of St David’s Episcopal Church in Radnor, Pennsylvania.

The St. Mark’s community is excited about God’s new journey for the Morley family, yet we will miss them so much. We will celebrate Father Rick’s ministry among us on July 26th at 6:00 PM. More details will follow.

Please save the date!

Best Regards, Chuck Knill

Senior Warden

May 4, 2024: Important Announcements

A Letter from Fr Rick

Dear Friends, I have been called to serve as Rector of St David’s Episcopal Church in Radnor, Pennsylvania, and after a lot of prayer, thought, and deliberation I have accepted that call. My last Sunday at St Mark’s will be August 4th.

Karen, the girls, and I, are excited about this next chapter in our life, but we are also overwhelmed at the thought of leaving our St Mark’s family and home of the last fifteen years. Coming to St Mark’s in 2009 has been one of the best things that ever happened to us. We have loved our time in Basking Ridge, we’ve made so many deep and meaningful connections, and we’re thankful that we were able to raise our girls here at St Mark’s.

Saying “goodbye” is going to be very hard.

St David’s was founded in 1715 and currently has about 3,000 parishioners. As such, it is one of the oldest and largest parishes in the Episcopal Church. To be called to St David’s is, to say the least, incredibly humbling. But, I would not have had the skills to be called to such a position had St Mark’s not shaped me into the priest I am today. I sometimes think back to how “green” and young I was when I arrived here—boy, did I have a lot to learn! The stories that go along with the last fifteen years will stay with me forever.

In talking with the Bishop, the wardens, and the vestry, St Mark’s will begin the process to call a new rector almost immediately. St Mark’s is an incredibly healthy congregation with terrific energy and spirit, and the transition will reflect that. You’ll hear more about this from the wardens directly. (See the letter below.)

I am absolutely committed to setting St Mark’s, and its new rector, up for success. As such, when I depart St Mark’s, I will be fully stepping away from my pastoral duties and roles here in order to give the new rector the space they need to establish their own pastoral presence.

Saying “goodbye” is heavy and holy work. But, we are no strangers to “heavy and holy” ministry together. It’s been an honor to walk amongst you all for the last decade and a half, and it will be a heavy and holy honor to walk with you through the next few months.

God’s Peace,

Fr Rick

The Third Rector of St Mark’s

A Letter from Chuck Knill, Senior Warden

Greeting Friends of St. Mark’s

If you’re like me, you have mixed emotions to hear Fr. Rick’s announcement that he had accepted the call as Rector of St David’s Episcopal Church in Radnor, Pennsylvania. I am excited for the new journey God has for the Morley family, yet personally, I will miss them so much. They have impacted our lives in a multitude of ways as we traveled together and we’re better for knowing them. Please continue to pray for them during this time of transition.

I know that you join me in wishing Rick well in this next phase of his life. We look forward to celebrating his ministry with us as we approach the time to bid farewell. Change is always difficult, and we will be sad to see Rick and his family leave us. However, we are a community of faith built on Jesus the chief cornerstone of our faith.

Rick’s leadership and steady hand, together with the dedication, engagement, and generosity of our congregation, have placed our parish in a position to attract the best candidates to serve as our next rector. I have met with Bishop Sally, who was quite impressed with the St Mark’s community; after her time with us for confirmation and mortgage burning, her opinion only got better. The planning for our transition has already begun. You will learn more about the process as we move forward.

At a time when many churches are struggling, St. Mark’s is spiritually strong, financially healthy, and adept at caring for each other and those around us. We have been fortunate for the last fifteen years; we have shared with the Morley family.

I promise to communicate with the congregation during the process and assure you that this will not be a long transition. I appreciate your support and prayers, and I’m sure the Vestry does as well. I am confident that God has done great things in our midst over the past 15 years and has great things in store for our future.

Yours in Christ,

Chuck Knill Senior Warden