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Romans 10:5-13 talks about the laws of God and the difficulties of following them. One of the challenges is listening to every little detail. For example, when you were little you probably thought that your parents were trying to ruin your life. However, all they were doing was shaping your future. Hopefully positively.

This is what Romans 10:5-13 is trying to tell us. Not everything in life is easy but trusting God is. God gives help to whoever is brave enough to ask. Embracing God alone is not enough, you have to be able to say it out loud and set things right with God. No matter who you are or what you do, God will help.

Following every single rule of baseball is like following every little detail in the law code. It is difficult. You try to follow as many rules as you can, but no one is perfect. Embracing God means listening to Him. He will tell you what He wants you to do.