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The Sunday Worship Schedule

For most of the year Sunday morning worship is scheduled for 8AM and 10AM—except in the summer when we move to 8AM and 9:15AM.

The 8AM service is quiet and intimate. It’s almost always a service of Holy Communion, and there is usually no music. “Traditional,” Elizabethan language is used. (Thee’s and Thou’s abound!) The 8AM worshipping congregation is incredibly friendly, and oftentimes the entire group goes out to breakfast following church.

The 10AM service is filled with music, is almost always a service of Holy Communion, and modern english is spoken. Most of the year there is a choir, and the congregation always sings hymns. The worship style of the 10AM service can vary from week to week. One week it might be full choir and organ, the next week it might be a contemporary service (complete with guitars and drums), and once a month we have a “family service,” where the children and youth take a prominent role in the leading of worship.

Saturday nights too?

Yes, we have a regular 5PM service of Holy Communion in our historic chapel, except in the summer. The chapel is the part of the building with the cedar siding, and to enter it, find the red door just around the corner by where the driveway approaches Finley Avenue. This service is a simple one, and is about a half an hour in length. There is no music at this service, but there is always a full sermon.

What's the deal with Sunday School?

For our children (K through 5th grade) there is Sunday School most every other Sunday evening. Please check our calendar for the schedule or contact the office.

What's music like at St. Mark's?

Music is truly another way to praise God and we have an outstanding and strong music program at St. Mark’s. A dedicated Music Director and an extremely talented Organist, together with our choir, create an atmosphere of joyous praise each Sunday. Beautiful music with traditional and some non-traditional themes is heard every Sunday at our 10:00 a.m. service. In the last few years we have introduced a contemporary service several times each year and this has brought another level of musical worship and praise to our church and our congregation.

St. Mark’s also has a young adult choir, a children’s choir, an adult bell choir, and an intergenerational bell choir to further musically enhance our Sunday services.

Do the youth do anything on Sundays?

For youth there is group get-together Sunday evening during the school year. We gather for dinner and activities. We use the Journey to Adulthood curriculum, which is a nationally-known program that is highly interactive. The youths also go on regular trips and take part in lock-ins and outreach initiatives to the community.

Is there anything fun going on around here?

People regularly report that one of the things they like best about St. Mark’s is the warmth they experience here. On Sundays there’s ample time for casual togetherness, and every Sunday following the 10AM service there’s a “coffee hour” where almost the entire congregation attends. There’s always food and drink, provided by a family or a group within the church, and we informally talk and just enjoy each other. Twice a year we have a huge brunch after church, and our both our women and our men have (quite different!) fellowship opportunities.

How about Adult Christian Education?

On many Sundays there is a regular “Sunday Forum,” from 9-9:45AM in the Heritage Room. These forums are informal but highly informative and engaging. There is usually a topic that is explored for multiple weeks. We also hold Zoom get-togethers on the topic on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm.

Who we are.

St. Mark’s is a church in the Episcopal/ Anglican tradition. This tradition inspires us to weekly celebrations of the Holy Eucharist and to mark the various seasons and holy days that have emerged through the two millennia of Christianity.

We seek to not only look backwards, but also forwards to where the Holy Spirit leads us.

You are welcome here.

We believe that the Altar in St. Mark’s is not ours. It’s God’s. And therefore ALL of God’s Children are welcome to worship here and feast from the Table of the Lord. You do not need to be an official Episcopalian to participate in the full life of our parish, you need only to desire to seek and follow God in Christ.