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This year we have served XXXX meals at the Soup Kitchen in Keansburg. Since we began our ministry there in 2011, we have served xx,xxxx meals.

Soup Kitchen at Keansburg

In 2023 we have provided thousands of pounds of food for the Food Bank. For Christmas 2023, we provided $3,080 in gift cards for the children of the Food Bank.

Foodbank Network of Somerset County

In 2023, $6500 was provided to households in need of emergency help with bills, medical care, and food from the Rector’s Discretionary Fund.

Providing help

The Giving Garden produced XXXXlbs of fresh vegetables to local food pantries in our county

The Giving Garden

Nine children living in extreme poverty in the Third World were supported this year by parishioners of St Mark’s through Compassion International.

Compassion International

XX boxes were provided by parishioners of St Mark’s, and are being sent to children around the world for Christmas

Operation Christmas Child

This year our stitchers made XX prayer blankets for those who asked for them, for themselves or for a loved one. Ever since we started this ministry we’ve made XX blankets.

Prayer Blankets