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In an Episcopal Church leadership is shared among the clergy and the laity. The vestry is the group of lay leaders that is elected by the congregation.

Martha Heiner, Senior Warden
Chuck Knill, Junior Warden
Benjamin Hargy, Vestry (Buildings)
Marliese Knill, Vestry (Communications/ Evangelism)
Kristen Hauser, Vestry (Christian Education)
Lily Chan, Vestry (Membership)
Jaime Overley, Vestry (Finance)
Steve Kujan, Vestry (Grounds)
Emma Lanese, Vestry (fellowship)
Jody Hough, Vestry (Outreach)
Gerald Creighton, Vestry (Stewardship)

Sean Gogerty, Warden Emeritus
Terri Passarello, Treasurer
Doug Post, Recording Treasurer