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The Way of Love

Summer 2020

Vacation Bible School (at home edition)

A long, long time ago, before Christians were called “Christians”—before that word was invented—we were called “the followers of the way.”
The way of Jesus. The way of Love.
But, how do you do that? How do we actually live this way? What does this way look like? How do we actually follow Jesus? Presiding Bishop Michael Curry divided up the Way of Love into seven practices that we’re going to talk about in these videos.
You DON’T need to
  • Get on a video conference,
  • Download and print a bunch of sheets
  • Supervise a huge craft project
  • Have your child watch one of these videos a day
  • Give them encouragement to follow the prompt at the end of the video
  • Encourage them to share what they learned or thought about
Not a part of St Mark’s? No problem. You have our explicit permission to use, adapt, add-to, whatever to make this work in your church or home setting.